Conveyors and Air Ejectors

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Our Conveyor Models
Versa Conveyors are available in lengths from 2 feet to 24 feet and widths from 2″ and up.  They can be configured for line speeds from 12 feet/minute to 600 feet/minute.  Versa also offers air ejectors with air nozzles or air saving aluminum or stainless steel air knives.  Air knives reduce air consumption and provide a uniform column of air to move parts in a controlled manner.  Stainless steel product catch trays allow products to be accumulated and stacked neatly in multiple piles, to reduce handling and labor.
Versa Air Ejectors are offered with air nozzles, aluminum air knives, or stainless steel air knives.  Air nozzles work well for ejecting long parts cut fro rigid materials where multiple knives will be used to eject each part.  Short parts require air knives to eject them without turning or spinning the part during ejection.  Nozzles are mounted 6″ apart on a manifold to provide coverage.  Air knives are available in a variety of lengths from 1 foot to 4 foot long and can be combined to provide needed coverage.   Dual zone air ejectors can be configured to provide more flexibility in part handling, and double sized ejectors can hold more finished goods, reducing the frequency that cut material must be handled.
Versa Machinery also offers product diverters and sweep systems to control and remove products from conveyors.  Contact us to learn more about these products.
Conveyor Specs
Conveyor Lengths Available 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’, 10’, and 12’

(Other lengths available on request)

Eject Delay Range .01 to 9.99 seconds


Eject Duration Range .01 to 9.99 seconds
Belt Height Adjustable from 39” to 47” high with leveling bolts
Ejection Rate Up to 160 times/minute
Air Requirement 60 PSI



Versa Conveyors can help to automate your process and reduce labor.  Conveyors can be used to carry extruded products directly into a container.  Conveyors with an air ejector can produce stacks of cut lengths and accumulate a good deal of product so that it can be handled more efficiently.  Ask about our double sided air ejector systems that can stack and hold twice as much finished goods.

Dereeler/ Dancer


The Versa Machinery Motorized De-Reeler/Dancer system eliminates the problems normally experienced when pulling, measuring, and cutting spooled or coiled extruded products such as flexible PVC tubing, silicone rubber, or window and door seals. The system minimizes the stretching of elastic materials, allowing much greater accuracy when they are measured by a Cutter/Puller system.

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