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The Versa Double Angle Cutting System includes two servo driven cutters on a slide base, a servo driven puller,  a 7″ color touchscreen with built-in length and batch control, on a heavy duty table with casters and leveling screws.  It can be purchased with one in a  fixed position to cut a 90 degree angle with the second cutter adjustable to cut any angle between 45 and 90 degrees.  It can also be purchased with both cutters variable to  cut opposing angles.  With both cutters active it can perform up to 1,800 cuts/minute.  With only one cutter activated it can perform up to 3,000 cuts/minute.  It an hold +/- 0.010″ cutting rigid products at line speeds up to 300 FPM.  It includes all the features of our Adapative Cutting Technology (ACT) systems.  Operating screens include a display showing the status of all saftey interlocks, screens for configuring remote speed control via either a digital input or a 0 to 10  VDC signal, and recipe storage for over 250 different parts.
Versa Corrugated Tube Cutting Systems utilize a high speed cuff detection system to accurately place each cut on the cuffs.  It can make multiple cuts on each cuff, skip cuffs, cut up to 16 different length parts in a corrugation string, and repeat each part as many times as needed.  The system can store up to 50 part recipes.  Systems include a high speed servo cutter on a slide base, a puller driven by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), a 10″ color touchscreen interface, a set of stainless steel cutter bushings with special mount for an electric eye sensor for locating cuffs.  The electric eye includes an Eye Mode feature to make setup quick and easy.
The most innovative straw cutter in the world.  The Versa RC 3000 Straw Cutter operates in Conjuction with our High Speed Caterpillar Puller at line speeds up to 2,000 FPM to cut up to 3,000 drinking straws per minute.  This patented design uses two rotating wheels to hold precision dies, and a laser Doppler to synchronize the cutter to the speed of the extrudate.  The system cuts faster than any other system we know of while eliminating the cracking that occurs on straws cut on a standard flyknife cutter at high speeds.  If you would like to be producing over 2 million straws per day call Versa Machinery today to learn more about the new innovation.

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