DAC Cutter/VFD Puller

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Our DAC Cutter/VFD Puller Models

DAC cutter/puller systems can include a 1″, 2″, or 3″ capacity electro-mechanical brake and clutch extrusion cutter on a 4″ slide base, a pinch roll or caterpillar puller with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), 7″ color touchscreen for controlling the puller and all remote functions, and a Versa LC-2000 combination length and batch control, on a heavy duty steel table with casters and leveling screws.  The LC-2000 allows the operator to quickly and easily enter the cut length and batch count.  The cut length can be entered in millimeters, inches, or feet.

Model 60 DAC 75 DAC 80 DAC
Max.  Cutting Capacity 1” (25.4 mm) O.D. 2” (50.8 mm) O.D 3” (76.2 mm) O.D.
Cutting Rate Up to 720 CPM Up to 550 CPM Up to 225 CPM
Max. Cutting Torque 125 in/lb (14.12 Nm) 290 in/lb (32.7 Nm) 605 in/lb (68.3 Nm)
Cut Length Range

0.001” to 999.999”


Feeder Options


2”W X 4” Dia. Pinch Wheel

2”W X 9”L  Caterpillar

2”W X 18”L Caterpillar

4”W X 9”L Caterpillar

4”W X 18”L Caterpillar


Feed Range


5 to 150 FPM Standard

Other Ranges Available up to 700 fpm


Electrical Requirements


230V/1ph/50Hz or 60Hz

(380V to 480V, 3ph/50Hz or 60Hz are also available)


Servo Cutter VFD Puller

Our Servo Cutter – VFD Puller systems include quiet, efficient, servo cutters in place of the DAC cutters.  The servo extrusion cutters provide maintenance free operation and the options to choose one of three knife speeds for cutting a variety of materials.  Our servo cutters can achieve cutting rates up to 1,100 cuts/minute.  They can hold +/- 0.005″ cut length tolerance when cutting rigid materials.

ACT Servo Cutter Servo Puller

Our ACT series Servo Cutter – Servo Puller systems automatically cut the same part lenght even as speed changes are made on the fly.  They include a built-in cut length and batch control, cutting rates up to 3,000 cuts/minute, a wide variety of remote control features, and recipe storage for over 250 different parts.  ACT series systems can hold +/- 0.005″ cut length tolerance or better when cutting rigid materials.

Available Extra Features:

Gap Indicator
Versa Pinch roll or belt gap indicators display the gap setting in 0.001” increments for improved ease of setup.
Drip Lube System are available with a variety of reservoir sizes, and independantly controlled feeds for lubrication of the knife and/or the cutter entrance bushing.
Slide Bases

Cutter slide bases are offered for both X and Y axis motion in a wide variety of sizes to make string-up quick and easy.

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